Listening to the Gift of Music

DSC02493DSC02493DSC02484DSC02485Gazing into the open sky and the rolling waves of the bay water at the Chesapeake Bay RV Campground Resort.  I am listening to a Jazz CD that’s full of notes that are playful and melancholic at the same time.  Which brings to my mind how powerful music is to the mind, body and spirit.

There is music to feed every emotion under the sun, and the sun within our soul.  The key is finding the rhythm and balance that heals our authentic self.

Do we listen to music that reflects the mood we are experiencing at the present moment?  Does the music take us deeper into the space of our spirit?  Does it change our thoughts, feelings, moods?  Does music comfort us, or does it upset us?  Do we find the answer we are seeking in the music?  Does the music we listen to carries or vibrates with the energy of expansion or contraction?

I believe it does all of the above.  I believe like the open sky, the sounds of the rolling waves of water, the sounds of the rushing or calm winds that touch our face and skin is a gift, a blessing to awaken all of our senses to the right now moment…to the present time.  The music brings about an awareness  to open us up to whatever the truth is at the present time, but like all gifts/blessings we have the free will, or choice to accept and use the gifts with delight, wonder, and good will.

So tune-in to the sounds of the music you are listening to right now.  Are the sounds of nature speaking to you?  Are you listening to the sounds of children…other people…CD’s, Pandora, your Playlist, or the sounds of your own inner thoughts and chatter?  Is the sounds or the music soothing to your spirit?   Is it reflecting back to you at this present moment the reality of your spirit if not perhaps the gift is to awaken you, and show you that you are slipping into darkness? Like any great gift learn to accept it, and open it with openness and thankfulness.  

Music is a gift, so listen wisely!

Soulfully Speaking,