A Time for Equilibrium…A Time for Balance

20160922_130910Present-Past, Day-Night, Sun-Moon, Male-Female, Fire-Water, Yin-Yang, Hot-Cold, Light-Dark, Dry-Wet, Birth-Death, Up-Down, Inside-Outside, Go-Stop, Positive Pole- Negative Pole, Open-Close, Listen-Speak, Summer-Winter, Plant-Harvest.  Inhale-Exhale…Inhale-Exhale…Inhale-Exhale…

Equilibrium is about being or bringing things or oneself into a state of balance.  Dr. Wayne E. Dyer, in his book, Being in Balance, he states that “The concept of balance defines our Universe.  The cosmos, our planet, the seasons, water, fire, and earth are all in perfect balance.  We humans are the only exception.”

Kind of make you go , uhmm, or think how can this be?  Pretty soon we will notice how the leaves on the trees will be turning from green to red, orange, yellow and then to brown.  This is nature giving way for one season to end and another one to begin.  You see, in life, there is no beginning without an ending, and no ending without a beginning.  ABC New’s former anchor of World New’s, Charles Gibson, wrote in his retirement email that, “Life is dynamic; it is not static.” Life is in a constant mode of change, give and take, check and balance.

One of my husband’s, Jahi M., favorite quotes is: “Change is inevitable growth is optional.”  I believe that if you are reading this post you know something about change, but N.O.W. (Noticing Observing Witnessing) you are ready, or at best feel the need for some growth or further growth.

It is my hope that you will leave this post with some tools that will assist you with bringing more balance into your life.  Because once again change is inevitable growth is optional.  Change is going to take place with or without our acknowledgment.  Because the Sun is going to always give way for the Moon to glow as to the Moon is always going to give way for the Sun to shine.

Some people acknowledge this change by painting pictures, singing songs, and writing poetry about change.  One such poem is entitled, Sunny Delight, in my book, Yes Speak To Our Hearts, Holy Spirit- Through Our Daily Practice of Listening, Recognizing, and Using Your Unlimited Gifts and Power (pg. 25).

I once read that there are three things a person should know about one’s self and they are:

  • Know what is too much for you.
  • Know what is too little for you.
  • Know what is just right for you.

You see, too much leads to excessiveness, too little leads to deficiency, but knowing what is just right leads to balance (even Goldie Locks had some  experiences with finding her balance).

So, who gets imbalance? And what is it that causes a person to become imbalance?

Is it just the young or is it just the old?

Is it just the males or is it just the females?

Is it just the rich or is it just the non-rich?

Is it just the famous or is just the non-famous?

Is it just happening in one place or is it happening everywhere?

Well, I believe it is fair to say, and you may agree, that when we watch and listen to the news, or read the papers, or even learn from others that this imbalancement that we are witnessing is being played out by both the young and the old, males and females, the rich and the non-rich, the famous and the non-famous, and not just in one place, but almost in every place.

I believe and agree with Dr. Dyer’s when he states that the concept of balance defines our Universe.  I also believe that we are one with the Universe and the Universe is one with us.  I have learned from my own experiences as well as from hearing, and witnessing others experiences that most of our imbalance situations come from our own mindless creations.

In order to regain and maintain our equilibrium…our balance, we must wake-up from our sleepwalk, we must wake-up and pay attention to everything that is meaningful.  In other words, we must become mindful in all our creations.

As Charles Gibson said, “Life is dynamic, it is not static”, and as the Universe makes its necessary changes to create its state of balance, so must we.

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Soulfully Speaking,