Giving the Gift of Love…

20150522_11432020150522_114633A few week ago I received an email alert from Netflix letting me know a new movie was picked for me.  The movie was titled, Noel.

The description write-up grabbed my attention.  It read: “Five New Yorkers–including a brutalized man yearning for peace–face Christmas Eve alone in this meditation on the root of the holiday spirit.”

I don’t know about you, but while watching and listening to movies certain scenes and words pop out or resonate more with me than others.  So, not only did some of the words from the description such as meditation, peace, yearning, alone, holiday, root and spirit popped out, but also some words I heard throughout the movie. Words like: letting go, faith, living your life, prayer, forgiveness, thankful, give and love.

When I was reading the description of the movie and hearing the above words, they also echoed a vibration within me.  A vibration that calls out for moments of pausing.  Moments of reflecting on things, situations, and people that matter to the heart.

So, it allowed me to think about this time of the year, the season of giving and receiving.   It really doesn’t matter which holiday you will, or will not be celebrating because giving and receiving the gift of love is a gift, a blessing for all the seasons of our lives…not just for special holidays.

You see, we all can give and receive the universal gift of love at any time, anywhere, for all reasons. This gives an opening for us to receive and to give the universal blessing of forgiveness when needed.

The power of these gifts brings to mind the song I mention in the introduction section of my book, Yes Speak To Our Hearts, Holy Spirit- Through Our Daily Practice of Listening, Recognizing, and Using Your Unlimited Gifts and Power called “Prayer”.  The song brings into our awareness that anyone can be a gift to another.

Through the power of forgiveness, the power of letting go, the power of having faith, the power of love we can all live our lives with purpose and thankfulness.

So, let’s take a moment during this season to get quiet and be still to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  By receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit we are given the power of knowing which gift(s) we need to give and receive not just during the holidays, but what we need today…what we need in this present moment.

My gift to you today is a poem/prayer that can also be found on page 51 of my book, titled “Give”:

I give a smile.

 I give a helping hand.

 I give a meal.

                                                                                                                              I give some water.                                                                  I give a blanket.                                                                             I give a poem.                                                                               I give a story.

I give a ride.                                                                                   I give a talk.                                                                                   I give a laugh.                                                                               I give of my time.

I give inspiration, strength, love, and peace.                          

I give money while receiving wisdom and hope.  

I restore balance by giving light, love, and guidance.                

I give what my Creator asks me to give.

I give away anything that doesn’t feed or feel good to my soul.  I give, therefore I receive, and I receive, therefore I give.  Amen.

What are you giving and/or in need of receiving today?


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Giving thanks!

Soulfully Speaking,