What’s going to be “your thing” in 2017?


Blessed New Year everyone!

If you can not fully see the words printed on my tee-shirt, it reads – “It’s A Mimi Thing”.  It was a gift from my daughter, Ty’.

Okay, back in November of last year I was binge- watching “The Gilmore Girls”, an old American comedy-drama television series that aired from 2000-2007, and then had a Mini-Series in 2016.

Well, the two main characters were a mother and her daughter. Their names were Lorelai and Rory, and they had several ” things” like drinking lots and lots of coffee and having weekly dinners at Lorelai parent’s house. However,  their favorite and most exciting “thing” was their Friday night movie dates which also entail them ordering all kinds of food consisting mostly of junk food.

But they were committed and faithful to doing their thing.  Their thing brought them even closer together.  It was moments where they shared quality time, tears, pain, joy, laughter and gave them the opportunity to invite others to benefit from their thing.

I believe we all have a thing or two that we consciously or unconsciously act upon.  Those things may or may not have brought us soul satisfaction last year, but today is a new year-2017 a time and space where we can build upon the things that worked, or take this opportunity to create a new thing that will promote soul satisfaction not only for self but also for many.

According to Tantric Numerology when you add all the numbers in 2017, it adds up to the number 10.  The number 10 represent the tenth body, the Radiant Body. The Radiant Body give you the courage to handle any and every obstacle that comes your way.  It’s the Light that radiates the energy of God.

The Radiant Body allow us to live a life in the likeness of Jesus if we make His thing our thing.

You know, Jesus has “a thing” for poverty, the widows, the homeless, the young and the old.

He has “a thing” for goodness, mercy, forgiveness, truth, and love.  Jesus’s thing is being the light of the world.

We are all a part of Him, therefore His Light resides inside of us, and He is just waiting for us to share His Light by bringing forth that light into the world.

My “thing” this year is binge-watching even more upon the Holy Spirit, so His Light will be radiating in every area of my being.

Turn to page 64 in my book, Yes Speak To Our Hearts, Holy Spirit – Through Our Daily Practice of Listening, Recognizing, and Using Your Unlimted Gifts and Power, and let’s chant or read together “Living”.

So, now that you know Jesus’s thing, and what my thing is going to be this year- may I ask what’s “your thing” going to be this new year…will it radiant love for self and all people?

Soulfully Speaking,



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