Sweetly Surrendering

On Monday, November 2, 2015, at 10 o’clock in the morning, I was in America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses on New Hampshire Avenue in Takoma Park, Maryland.

During my eye examination, the ophthalmologist had me to look through an instrument and decide which of a series of alphabet slides were more clear, or sharper between 1&2, or a&b, or 3&4.

The slides were coming very quickly, and I had to make or see the distinction straight away.  Sometimes or most of the time it was hard for me to make that choice.

I had to ask her to repeat the process several times…it was moving too fast for me to decide from just using my mental faculties.   I begin to second guess or question my decision or judgment of seeing properly.

At one point, I just couldn’t see let alone make a choice.  I could only express to her that some of the alphabet slides were larger than the others.  At that point, the ophthalmologist instructed me to look for the sharper or clearer slides oppose to the larger ones.

Hearing those instructions again I relaxed even more as I felt myself giving permission to myself to surrender sweetly to the process of knowing.  Knowing that when I pay more attention to my inner vision, my inner awareness I could see my outer vision more clearly.

Coming from this state of awareness I notice that the sharper letters were boldly yet gently speaking to me.  You see, at first glance, the larger alphabets were catching my attention which caused my confusion and unsureness.

When in doubt, always go within to find the best and the sweetest answers and choices.  Surrendering to the sweet vibration of your soul.

Read “Inside” on page 54 of my book, Yes Speak To Our Hearts, Holy Spirit…

Soulfully Speaking,



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