Meditation is the process of tuning and turning within to connect and explore the realm of Wisdom… the realm of God.  Meditation is being One with the Universal Power that dwells within us all.

20160912_161138Greetings, everyone.  It’s so nice to connect and reconnect with all of you!  I am delighted that we all are here.  Come and take a gentle journey that will allow us to unlock the hidden treasures that lie deep within our beings.

So we can discover or rediscover our gifts, our passions, and our purpose for this lifetime.  Feel the fire burning within our bellies.  The fire that is ready to move us closer to our greatness.

Let’s move into the deep waters of our souls as we actively participate in the life the Universe has in store for us.

Dig and search in the rich soil of Mother Earth as She holds, grounds, and protects us as we take this spiritual journey into ourselves during our daily meditations.

Let’s turn to page 129 of my book, Yes Speak To Our Hearts, Holy Spirit – Through Our Daily Practices of Listening, Recognizing, and Using Your Unlimited Gifts and Power.  

This meditation is called Searching it begins with these words –

Dear Universe,

I look into the vastness of the sky, and what do I see?  What do I imagine? What do I trust…?

I look into the vastness of the air…my mind…my heart…what do I find…?

As you continue reading and meditating on these powerful words and questions, relax into the knowing that the Universe has our answers, and our backs!

I am here also to be of service and to shine a light on your path as you practice your daily meditation.

I welcome your questions and comments!

Soulfully Speaking,