Sunny Days and Rainy Days

On the last full day of our 21 days of being in nature, it rained the entire morning.  We could hear what sounded like a million rain drops falling on the rubber roof of our RV.

There were moments of very heavy rain then mild raindrops, and even moments when it appeared to have stop, or at least slowed down, and before we knew it, the heavy rain once again danced on our RV roof.  There were even moment of rumberling thunder!  However, by noontime the rain had stop and the sun returned.

It also rained a few other days also, but the sunny days out numbered the rainy days.  Needless to say we need both the sunny days and the rainy days to live a wholesome life.

You see, on those sunny days we stayed outside more, we took long walks, rode our bikes, went fishing, visited beaches, shopped till we dropped, and so much more.

On the rainy days, we stayed in bed and rested longer, watch more movies, played cards, talked, laughed, but  mostly became still and quiet.

Life is about balance it is about being in the present moment and showing up for our sunny days/moments, and our rainy days/moments in order to find, or regain our balance our way through all of our days.

Read the story called “Rainy Days” on page 162 from my book, Yes Speak To Our Hearts, Holy Spirit – Through Our Daily Practice of Listening, Recognizing, and Using Your Unlimited Gifts and Power.

If you haven’t gift yourself with a copy of my book,  I will share two paragraphs of the story with you, but in order to receive the full benefit of the story along with other tools and gifts to assist you with restoring balance back into your life you will need to have your own yummy copy!

                                     Rainy Days

“Rain, rain, go away.  Little _____ wants to play.”

I remember how we used to sing this song when we were little.  Even though I was surrounded by my brothers and sisters on rainy days when we had to stay inside, I would sometimes feel sad, lonely, and empty in my mind and heart.  The rainy days of winter were the saddest, especially if the rain fell on a Tuesday or a Thursday because, for a brief period of time, my mother worked outside of the home in the evening on those two days.  You see, when Mom wasn’t home, the house just didn’t feel right, and neither did I.

Little did I know that those rainy days were teaching me how to go inside of myself to find myself-to find my stillness, my quiet space, my sacred God space.  Then again, on some levels, I knew that-or rather, I felt that.  I started experiencing that which was invisible becoming the opening or gateway to the visible (continued on page 162-165).

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Until the next time enjoy your sunny days along with your rainy days.

Soulfully Speaking,