Breathe…You are Alive!


My husband just loves the commercial where this person is singing to the tune of these words, “I know I will not live forever; I just want to live while I’m alive.”

Well, now I love this commercial as well.  With a little research, he discovered that the singer, Bon Jovi, has a song titled “It’s My Life”.  And some of the lyrics are:   “It’s now or never I ain’t gonna live forever I just want to live while I’m alive”.

The singer, Whitney Houston, sings a song titled, “Step By Step”, and some of the lyrics are: “Step By Step, Brick By Brick, Stone By Stone,  Got to keep Moving, and Day By Day”.

Both of these songs are really saying a mouthful if we really think about them.  They both remind me of all the different phases of life .  The lyrics remind me that no matter where we are in or on our journey we must take it step by step, day by day, and even moment by moment if we truly want to live fully while we are alive.

It reminds me of how essential it is for all of us to be consciously aware of the power of the gift of breath.  This gift is given to us freely to help guide us along our way.  It is the breath by breath that we must breathe, no matter what, in order for us to keep taking our steps and moving in the direction of our divine purpose in life.

How do you breathe when life is taking you up and down and around and around?

Take a listen, by tapping the blue link at the top of this post, as I read this meditation to you from my book, Yes Speak To Our Hearts, Holy Spirit – Through Our Daily Practice of Listening, Recognizing and Using Your Unlimited Gifts and Power that can be found on page 121.

Soulfully Speaking,