First Things First

20170727_102640Happy November Everyone!

As this year comes to an end, what do you visualize for the world and what do you visualize for yourself?IMG_20171006_084740_937

Lately, I have been hearing a word that I know you hear often also.  A word that is not new by any means, but, yet, most people still crave for its meaning or energy to prevail not only their outer world but also their inner world.  The word is peace.

Why do you suppose most people don’t have the peace that is meant to be?

How could we begin to manifest this inner and outer peace?

Well, after I finished typing the above two questions, Spirit popped into my awareness the song “Let There Be Peace on Earth”.  So, I immediately searched for that song on YouTube and came across a version sung and played by the Isley Brothers & Santana.  The link is  Visualize peace as you breathe in the words.

That was one answer to my questions and then a second answer came from page 38 in my book, Yes Speak To Our Hearts Holy Spirit – Through Our Daily Practice of Listening, Recognizing, and Using Your Unlimited Gifts and Power.

On page 38, I wrote a prayer that I entitled First Things First.

It reads: My path of service is to begin each day with a prayer – a prayer that starts with something to this effect:  Good Morning, my Greatest Friend, Take me this morning and use me in Thy services.  Do abide with me and let all my works be likening to Thee.  Continue to help me throughout this day whenever I begin to fall short of Your grace.  Gently and lovingly guide me back upon Your path.

Whisper sweet somethings to me all the day long.  Surprise me with all Your wonders.  Keep my eyes, my voice, my mind, my body, and all my heart and soul feasting on You.  Let my ears hear Your voice amid all the distractions around me-and, Lord, let the words of mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight.  And, Lord, my Greatest Friend, teach me how to best use my gifts from You for Your highest good.

I am listening and ready to do Your will.  Let’s do it, and so we are!

To me, this prayer and the words to the above mention song are guideposts to keep us in alignment with the peace we all need in order to create and maintain an inner and outer world – a life that is meant to be.

So, why not let it begin with each and every one of us?  After all first things first.

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Until the next time, let peace begin with you.

Soulfully Speaking,