Hear Our Prayer, O Lord

I love chanting the hymnal, Hear Our Prayer, O Lord, and feeling the vibration and energy of the words.

The words are few and simple, yet they are so powerful and healing.  Here are the words and why not give it a try for yourself.

       Hear our pray’r, O Lord; hear our pray’r, O Lord; Incline          Thine ear to us and grant us Thy Peace.

IMG_20180122_084824_095In my book, Yes Speak To Our Hearts, Holy Spirit – Through Our Daily Practice of Listening, Recognizing, and Using Your Unlimited Gifts and Power, in the Introduction of the book I expressed that prayers and songs that are generated by love are so bountiful, so blissful, and so beautiful.  Such prayers and songs touch you on a soul level.  They are our direct link to the Universal God that dwells in each of us. So why not consciously connect and reconnect to that unlimited power in the morning, noon, and night?

In Psalms 55:17 it reads, I will pray morning, noon, and night, pleading aloud with God; and he will hear and answer.  (The Living Bible)

Another song that touches me and others on a soul level is called Prayer by Eddy Arnold.  The lyrics are:

Prayer is a song we all can sing a light that the blind can see.  Prayer is a gift the poor can bring however poor they’d be.   Prayer is a star that lights the way for those who are in despair.   And when your heart kneels down to pray God will hear your prayer.

A prayer can be offered at any time and for many reasons, and especially during these times when so many are feeling the pain/ negative energy from the many uncertainties, from feeling the gloom of hopelessness, loss, anxiety, and the absence of peace.

The power of prayers and songs along with all gifts from the Creator touches and heals us on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

No matter what kind of prayer you are in need of right now you could simply begin by praying – Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10)

Whenever you are in need of a prayer, song, meditation, clearing and cleaning your spiritual/chakra energy centers, I am here to be of service.

You may reach out by connecting with me at www.hadiahsholistichaven.com.    You may also feel free to leave a comment or question on this blog site.

Until the next time inhale and exhale.

Soulfully Speaking,