So, I just finished watching season 13 episode 24 of the T.V. Show, Grey’s Anatomy.

During this episode, Elizabeth, one of the doctor’s was expressing to Dr. Webber, that she had spent her whole life in hospitals, and she felt the need to see everything that’s not the inside of a hospital.

She also realizes her need to travel, explore, hike, and breathe…really breathe away from monitors, blood, sterile gowns, and saving other people’s lives.  Elizabeth became aware that she wanted her own life, and that now was the time for her to live.  Which meant she had to quit saving others in order for her to save her own life, and ultimately save herself.

Sometimes in life we all must know when it’s time to live a little for self, and sometimes that may mean we have to quit some things, or move away from what we may have been spending our whole life doing  in order to  explore other people, places and things, so we can really breathe, live, laugh, and love not only others but to love ourselves more deeply.

Are you facing some things you must give up temporarily or permanently, in order to find your path, so you may live more freely and completely?

Are you ready to breathe, live, laugh, and love yourself more?

Hadiah’s Holistic Haven is a space where you can explore different tools to guide you in the practice of breathing more deeply in order  to find your happy loving self.

Feel free to explore today.