Nine Months of Laboring…What Did You Give Birth To?

20180611_180852Have you been carrying a passion, a dream, a gift inside of you since January and now that it is September…nine months later and you are still having labor pains or nothing new  has developed, nor has anything manifested yet?

Have you been ignoring what’s growing inside of you, or have you been pulling and pushing and moving in the wrong directions?  Do you feel like you are standing on infertile grounds leaving you believing that good things will not grow from within you?

Have you been feeding and nurturing your baby, project, vision, your passion, etc.  with the love, consistency, and the motivation that you had when you first started your labor in January?

If not, then that may well be the reason your baby, your project, your vision, your passion , your gift hasn’t birth yet.  You may well be still feeling the labor pains because you haven’t given birth to the many different stages of carrying your passion inside of you.

In order to reduce the pain, one must keep feeding it consistently with healthy, nurturing thoughts and actions in order for the beautiful gift to be born.

Are you ready to give birth to your beautiful well needed gift?  If so, Hadiah would love to be your birthing coach who will assist and support you doing your labor pains.

Feel free to visit to get your baby moving again, so you may give birth to the beautiful, wonderful gift that is still inside of you.

Until the next time be healthy, happy, and holy.

Soulfully Speaking,