Where Do You Go?

So, this month allow me to pose some questions to you that may require you to dig a little deeper to find your true north.

Read over all of the questions then take a few full inhalation and complete exhalation.  

Next go back and reread each question one at a time as you breath slowly and deeply into your answers.

Here we go:

1.  When you feel lost/confuse, where do you go?

2.  When you feel empty inside, where do you go?

3.  When you feel incomplete, where do you go?

4.  When you feel unsure, where do you go?

5.  When you feel sad, where do you go?

6.  When you feel like giving up, where do you go?

7.  When you feel afraid, where do you go?

8.  When you feel angry, where do you go?

9.  When you feel guilty, where do you go?

10.  When you feel happy, where do you go?

11.  When you feel joyful,  where do you go?

Once you are finished answering the questions take a few more deep breaths…inhaling and exhaling.

Now reflect upon your answers, and discover if where you are going  is giving you the best outcome for your total well being.  If not, perhaps there’s a wiser place for you to be going to.

Until the next time, only go to places that takes you to your true north.

Soulfully Speaking,


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