So, this month I have been reading Former, First Lady, Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming.  Though I haven’t finished it yet there are so many parts or points in her book thus far that reference some of her childhood experiences that I too have very similar memories from my own childhood experiences.  Like taking piano lessons from a very stern teacher and learning the importance of where the middle C key is, bringing classmates home for lunch while our loving mother’s whip up a yummy meal for us to eat.

However, there’s a sentence on page 132 (last paragraph), that states: “Somehow, in all my years of schooling I hadn’t managed to think through my own passions and how they might match up with the work I found meaningful.”

Now, how powerful is that statement…I would say very Powerful!  I find very often not only with my clients but with other people also that many of them are in positions and fields of work that they are not passionate about.  Jobs that don’t feed their spirits, therefore, they feel like they are not performing at their highest, truest capacity which includes their total beingness/selves,  the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

I understand that everyone may not be in a position to make career changes right now,  but just for today or just for the remaining days of December practice focusing on ways you could change the way you look at your current situation because as the saying goes, if we change the way we look at things then the things we look at will change.

Wouldn’t it be a great awakening to start the upcoming New Year with some tools that will assist you in “BECOMING” and working from a state of passion and purpose?

Hadiah’s Holistic Haven, HHH, is a space where you can gather tools and gifts to become fully aware of your passions and purpose in your present line of work until you can create or make connections that will place you in the flow of your natural rhythm.

Until the next time, explore the possibilities of working with HHH to become who you are meant to be while doing what you do passionately.

Soulfully Speaking,