Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1

Blessed New Year everyone it is now 2019!

Faith, Hope, Evidence/FHE (*For He Elevates), do you sometimes feel like the farmer who was planting seeds, and some of the seeds scattered on the ground, some on the gravel, some fell in the weeds, and some fell on the good earth…remember that story? ( Matthew 13:18-23)

Well on some occasions, for me;  I find myself in between the seeds that fell on the the gravel and the ones that landed in the weeds.  However, I thank God for His gifts of faith and hope because they give me the energy to get planted back on the good earth.

You see, with FHE*, God always elevates me (and you too if you ask Him) and my situations.  I love how He administers to my spirit using the beautiful gifts of songs, prayers, body movements, stories, and other tools/tips to change/elevate the energies all around me.  He is able!

He Elevates my moods.                                                                                      He Elevates my thoughts.                                                                             He Elevates my behavior.                                                                                He Elevates my attitude.                                                                                      He Elevates my hearing.                                                                        He Elevates my seeing.                                                                            He Elevates my voice.                                                                       He Elevates finances.                                                                                 He Elevates my understanding.                                                                         He Elevates my intuition.                                                               He Elevates my everything because He is able.

Do you need and want some elevation in your life this new year ?  If so, I know for sure that from and with the gifts of faith, and hope God will show you the evidence that He is able to elevate all things in your life and set your feet on the soil of good earth where things will grow and be prosperous.

Growing more in faith you will be elevated!

Soulfully Speaking,                                                                                                      Hadiah