We Need Water and Fire Working In Our Systems


 Do you have the proper amount of water in your System?

Last month on one of the coldest nights, our furnace wouldn’t produce any heat through our radiators.  The furnace would cut on, but sometimes the fire wouldn’t come on, and if it did it would cut off before it gave off any heat.

You see, the problem was the radiators didn’t have enough tap water in the system for the fire to stay on to bring forth the heat.  The plumbing technician that serviced our furnace explained that from time to time we must check to see the level of tap water in our system.

This experience reminds me of some of our prayer lives.  In our darkest and coldest hours/nights we forget or don’t want to pray, or we pray and then not wait to listen and hear the word/fire, the guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Do you have enough faith, living water, to heat your prayer life?  When it feels cold and numb, and things seem to be falling apart what is the level of living water in your system?

I believe it is essential for us to pause frequently to check the level of our hearts to ensure we are filled with the living water to keep our system operating with the flames of love that will support our healthy living systems.

We need the water, and the fire wouldn’t you agree?

Until the next time, let’s keep our systems full with the proper amount of water.

Soulfully Speaking,