Stay True and Tune Into Your Own Vibration



                                      Tuning Fork

Everything is energy and all energy has its own vibration.  Just like a tuning fork, if we are not mindful, we could easily become tuned into something, or someone else’s vibration.  This in itself is not a bad thing, if what we are tuning in to promotes love, joy, beauty, life and light to self, others, and to the planet.

Sometimes energy connections  can happen very quickly, and we are sucked in, or it can happen very subtle.  This can occur with or without our awareness; however, once we become enlightened on the matter, we must decide if the present vibration is healthy or vexing to our spirit.

If the energy is healthy, I say how divine, but if the energy is vexatious or toxic to our spirit I say respond to it like we are on fire.  Instead of the “stop, drop and roll” concept, we must stop, breathe, and listen to the wisdom inside of us.  It will tune up our vibration for the perfect response.  We will know if we are being true or tune into our own high vibration.

Are you aware of your true vibration?

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Until the next time, stay tune and true to your vibrations.

Soulfully Speaking,