Part One: When Things Fall Apart

Watch the short video first by tapping the arrow on the screen.


In life, people  and things do fall apart.  For some it’s a day, a week, a month, or even some years.

When things fall apart, this can and will happen to everyone at some point in time, it’s just the ebbing and flowing of life.  For there are no beginnings without endings, and no endings without new beginnings.

There are various reasons and circumstances that causes the chain of events to occur.  Some are not of our own doings and some are from  the direct actions of our very own thoughts and behaviors.   Whichever the case may be when things fall apart it is very painful on so many levels.  Especially when things appear to be good until they are not so good after all.

However, as painful as I know it can be what I believe and know to be true is that in the midst of it all there is a constant  Force standing by to guide us through each and every fall if we first acknowledge Its presence within us, and ask for help.  Second, quietly listen for the answer, and third follow through on the guidance.  Then always, always give thanks even when the answers are not what we wanted to hear.

Until the next time,

Soulfully Speaking,