Slow Down and Sit Down

Greetings my Friends,

As this year comes to an end and winter is about to settle in, I am reflecting on two particular days and times.    The first was about seven years ago on one of my weekly Monday visits with my Mother  while she was  still with us in her physical body.

Normally  during my visits with her my time would be long and slow, but on this particular day my time was short and I was busy rushing around.  When suddenly Mom asked, “Why are you rushing around just slow down and sit down for a minute .”  Reluctantly I did just that- I sat down and for that moment my rushing ended.

The second was just a few days ago when my daughter, Ty’ and I  were talking about stuff, and she mentioned to me that things happen in stages and ages.  I laughed and  quickly reflected with a hmmm then expressed  that is so true.

To me  stages and ages and winter is nature’s way of saying slow down and stop rushing, and know that things will still get accomplished.

What are you rushing around doing right now in your life?  What would happen if you would slow down and stand/sit for just one moment or two?

Until the next time,  remember just because you slow down it doesn’t mean things will not get accomplished.

Soulfully Speaking,