A Letter To My New Friend Her Name Is Today

20200504_130722Dear Today,

I feel like I miss you already.  I wonder; how do I miss you if I haven’t even spoken or opened myself up to your presence this morning?

Oh!  I know.  What I’m really missing are my old friends Yesterday and Yesteryears.  I am missing all my other friends named Past dreams, Past moments, and Missed moments.

I am also missing What was, What could, What should, and my most recent friend named How It Used To Be.

If I keep my thoughts on all my old friends I’ll be missing you twice my new friend.  I will miss you on this day and then again on tomorrow.

Today, I thank you Girl, for being my new friend.  I thank you for reminding me to welcome your presence throughout this day.  For acknowledging you, I am opening myself up to all the gifts, miracles, and blessings right before my eyes.

I now know that I don’t have to miss you I just have to recognize and accept you.  Then I am in the presence of a whole new world and all its wonders. Continue reading “A Letter To My New Friend Her Name Is Today”