A Letter To My New Friend Her Name Is Today

20200504_130722Dear Today,

I feel like I miss you already.  I wonder; how do I miss you if I haven’t even spoken or opened myself up to your presence this morning?

Oh!  I know.  What I’m really missing are my old friends Yesterday and Yesteryears.  I am missing all my other friends named Past dreams, Past moments, and Missed moments.

I am also missing What was, What could, What should, and my most recent friend named How It Used To Be.

If I keep my thoughts on all my old friends I’ll be missing you twice my new friend.  I will miss you on this day and then again on tomorrow.

Today, I thank you Girl, for being my new friend.  I thank you for reminding me to welcome your presence throughout this day.  For acknowledging you, I am opening myself up to all the gifts, miracles, and blessings right before my eyes.

I now know that I don’t have to miss you I just have to recognize and accept you.  Then I am in the presence of a whole new world and all its wonders.So, I welcome you Today with my open heart and my mindful thoughts.

With all my love,


If we allow low vibrations to keep us from lifting up and connecting to the  present Source of each new day, we will miss the gifts from the Highest Vibration that is breathing into us right now.

Durning this pandemic, remember to breathe.  Breathe in …breathe out…breathe in Light…breathe out darkness…breathe in the new…breathe out the old…breathe…just keep breathing and the wonders of Today will appear…breathing in…breathing out…

Until the next time, as the song goes, “My friend is your friend, and your friend is my friend the more we get together the happier we’ll be.”  Welcome Today into your minds and hearts right now, and see how happier you will feel and be.

Soulfully Speaking,





8 thoughts on “A Letter To My New Friend Her Name Is Today”

  1. Amen, my Sister! Great post! Thanks for reminding us to breathe intentionally. It is the power of the breath that refreshes us all day, everyday. Thank God for the gift of today and the opportunity to be in His presence!

  2. I’m in such awe each time I read your blog! I read with so much reverence. I stopped to breathe in all the new and positive and out with the old and negative. I am so Blessed that He opened my eyes today.

    1. Renee’ to God be the glory for how He touches your reading! Oh! How blessed we are to see another day. Keep breathing in the useful and out with the useless.

      Peace and Love,

  3. My phenomenal wife that constantly amazes me with her commitment to the
    Source of life. You are truly living the life that exemplify your name, (Kamaria, showing the way through darkness), and I Love you for that. Just for my new friend, Today, I am thankful.
    Peace and Blessings

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