Where Is Home To You?

Home sweet home!

It was truly amazing to have shared my first snowbirding experience this year with my self determined, let’s make it happen, adventurous husband, Jahi M.  We were RVing from January 2020 to June 2020 in Florida between the cities of Orlando, Davenport, Crystal River, Clermont, and Kissimmee.

On June 19th…Juneteenth, a few days after we had returned home, I was opening my bedroom curtains to allow the sunshine to enter and light up my space when a thought and a feeling came upon me.

Wow!  I thought.  I am at home…am I really home …because while I was away I felt at home too.  Then I instantly realized what I have always known, and that is home is where the heart is.  

Having the sense, the feeling, and the knowing of being at home within my soul I experience the freedom, the liberation, and the awareness of pure blissfulness right where I was standing.

You see, when you feel the warmth, the joy, and the welcoming energies from wherever you may be it resonates within your heart and soul.

So I ask you today,  these two questions:

Do you feel like you are at home in your mind, in your body, in your spirit, in your heart and soul?

Do you feel like your home is just bound to a physical dwelling?

To help you discover the answer to these two question I invite you to have a seat in a space where you will not be disturbed for as long as you need.  Then close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself one question at a time.  Continue breathing and feeling the light of awareness within your holy temple/body temple.  What do you feel…hear… see in your mind’s eye… taste… or smell?

Until the next time, I will leave you with this quote:  “You have to know that your real home is within.” – Quincy Jones

Soulfully Speaking,





10 thoughts on “Where Is Home To You?”

  1. I don’t feel like home is just bound to a physical dwelling. I do feel that HOME is more relevant to the five areas of mind, body, spirit, heart and soul. I appreciate how you are mindful in reminding me how much of a subtle reminder can have such a significant impact on one’s life.

  2. The old saying, “Home is where the heart is”, and in the RV World, “Home is where you park it” are both applicable to me. The big deal now is home is where I feel a safe space and I can reach out and be reached by friends like you. Have a Super Sunday!

    1. Greetings Andrette,
      I agree with the RV saying, and totally agree with “the big deal now”; having friends are gifts from heaven. Thanks for being my friend and I am having a super Sunday! I wish the same for you! Peace and Love.

  3. Gracious Sister,

    Your sharing your thoughts has awakened many thoughts in my mind. When I saw the two questions you asked . My first thought was home is where the heart is, but then I thought sometimes home is not always a place it can sometimes be a person or maybe even a thing.

    As I look back on the time I had with my late husband I think of home. Wherever we were I was comfortable as long as I felt him nearby. I still think of him as nearby so I feel home. Which actually comes down too home is where the hearts is and will always be.

    I always thank you for sharing whatever you are feeling and are grateful for your awakening my senses exhaling in and out cleansing my every being.

    1. Dear Joyce,
      Let me start off first by saying you are so very welcome for me sharing my thoughts with you. And secondly how grateful I am for you sharing your beautiful, powerful thoughts with me! We are one! Peace and bountiful love.

  4. Welcome back to your original physical home my Sister! We all missed you so much! Yes, I believe that home is wherever we are spiritually, mentally and physically. It is such a blessing to always be home in mind, body, spirit and soul! We have the pleasure to enjoy our home everyday!

    1. Hey Debra,
      Thanks so much for your warm welcoming thoughts and treats! And yes, having the pleasure of enjoying our spiritual, mental, and physical homes every day…are blessings to be grateful to have. Peace and love my dear sister-friend!

  5. Hello my friend, when I received your message I was a little to busy to read it. So I had to get to my quiet place and space and as usual this is powerful. I’m finally at peace in my heart and soul. I feel so very safe and secure which I have Not felt in a long time. That feeling is home. I rest easy knowing that I’m Home! Many blessings to you and your family.❤️

    1. Greetings Tracey,
      So happy you got to your quiet place and space! It warms my heart to read that you are at peace in your heart and soul.. To feel safe and secure, and having that feeling of home reveals that you are grounded in your Root Charka/ First Energy Center.

      Thanks so much for your comments and continue blessings to you and your family as well.

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