Listening To The Ocean And The Sounds of Peace

Three minutes of peace awaits you…just click the YouTube button to transform your mind, body, and soul.

Re-awaken your spirit with the sounds of the ocean, the ebbing and flowing of the water, children playing in the sand, the gentle wind blowing, and the golden light from the sun.

Just three minutes of mindful breathing will settle  you into your body and bring your awareness to this present moment.

Look, hear, feel, breath…close your eyes…breath…feel…relax…breathing peace into every cell, organ, muscle, bone, and nerve in your body.

Studies have shown that just three minutes of mindful breathing and meditating on peacefulness can have  profound benefits on your total well being.


Until the next time,

Enjoy your inner peace today three minutes at a time.☯️🕉💜🌊☀️

Soulfully Speaking,



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