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Hadiah’s Holistic Haven, L.L.C.

Breathing in the fruit of the Holy Spirit…one breath at a time.


Hadiah is a teacher, a student, and a messenger of God.  Her philosophy for life is remembering that she wants to be like, feel like, see like, speak like, look like, listen like, and breathe like the One she belongs to, and that is the Creator of the Universe…God her Source and her Resource.

She believes and is witnessing the African-Proverb that states Everyday school is everywhere and everyone is both a teacher and student of life.

Hadiah recognized and believed very early that her purpose and gifts were in the fields of teaching and healing.  All of her lessons and experiences thus far along her journey has guided her to be the creator and owner of Hadiah’s Holistic Haven, L.L.C. 

Her training and certifications are in the areas of Child Development and Nursery School Education, Early Childhood Education, D.C. Public Schools Parent Affairs Workshop Facilitator, Mega Skills Leader Mentor Workshop Facilitator, Sunday School Teacher, Facilitator of Children’s Sermons, Youth Leader, Home School Teacher, Charter Schools Substitute Teacher, Yoga ed. Teacher, Radiant Child Yoga Teacher, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Acupressure Practitioner, Energy Healing, Enhancing your Mind, Body Spirit, and Relaxation and Stress Management.

Hadiah earned her degrees and studies from The University of the District of Columbia, American Institute of Holistic Theology, The Kundalini Research Institute, The Washington Institute of Natural Medicine, American Naturopathic and Holistic Association, and Udemy.

Her other studies include Tai Chi Chuan with Grand Master Dennis Brown, The Heart of Touch at Potomac Massage Training Institute.

Hadiah is the published author of Yes Speak To Our Hearts Holy Spirit, Through Our Daily Practice of Listening, Recognizing, and Using Your Unlimited Gifts and Power.  

The author also writes a monthly blog that features themes from her book and other food for thought articles.

She has been the guest on WPFW 89.3 Radio Station during the “The Collectors” programming with Brother Ah, and the guest speaker at the Bernice Fonteneau Senior Wellness Center sharing stories and tools for a healthier lifestyle.  Both places are located in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

Hadiah has been interviewed by Will Holmes Consulting WHC, Baltimore Professionals & Entrepreneurs, and on Elife Media/Internet Radio with Dr. Baruch and Kris Murray located in Capital Heights, Md.

Hadiah enjoys learning about “self”, reading, writing poems, stories, and just being receptive to the Creative Energy that flows through her body-temple.  She also incorporates adult coloring and painting while creating her own designs as part of her meditation practice.

The one thing Hadiah knows for sure is although she is many different things to many different people the most phenomenal and everlasting thing is being a child of the Universe which allows her to be present and open to receive all the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, so she may continue to grow, and share with those who are ready to experience a healthy, happy and holy life.




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