Part Two: When Things Fall Apart

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child.  Now that I become an adult, I have put away childish things. – 1 Corinthians 13:11  New Heart English Bible (NHEB)

As a child sleeping in my twin bed, one night after reading and writing in my diary and finishing up my good night prayers, something happened to me.

That night lying in my bed with my left ear resting on my firm mattress,  I could not only hear my heart beating or thumping loudly,  but I also felt and heard every breath as it entered in and out of my body.

As a young child, that awareness frightened me because,  in my mind, for some reason, it reminded me of death.  So, I quickly turned my head over to my right ear only to discover the same happenings.  I then turned over onto my back to silence the awareness.

Today as an adult I listen on purpose to tune into the rhythm of my heartbeat and the flow of my breath because I know they are gifts from the  Universe saying to me, “ Be that connected, be that aware, use your power because they are signs of life,  not death, and they are here to guide you along your way.”

It is from this awareness as an adult that when things fall apart I try hard to tune into the gifts of my heart and breath.

It is not always my first response when things and thoughts are cloudy, but when practiced,  I witness and experience  how the heart and breath will not only key me in on the realness at hand but have keyed others as well.

So, today, in this video, I will guide you with one of many different  tools to focus or redirect  your awareness to the gifts of the heart and breath.  Gifts that once frighten me as a child, but now as an adult,  I cherish and welcome their presence and guidance.

Soulfully Speaking,




Part One: When Things Fall Apart

Watch the short video first by tapping the arrow on the screen.


In life, people  and things do fall apart.  For some it’s a day, a week, a month, or even some years.

When things fall apart, this can and will happen to everyone at some point in time, it’s just the ebbing and flowing of life.  For there are no beginnings without endings, and no endings without new beginnings.

There are various reasons and circumstances that causes the chain of events to occur.  Some are not of our own doings and some are from  the direct actions of our very own thoughts and behaviors.   Whichever the case may be when things fall apart it is very painful on so many levels.  Especially when things appear to be good until they are not so good after all.

However, as painful as I know it can be what I believe and know to be true is that in the midst of it all there is a constant  Force standing by to guide us through each and every fall if we first acknowledge Its presence within us, and ask for help.  Second, quietly listen for the answer, and third follow through on the guidance.  Then always, always give thanks even when the answers are not what we wanted to hear.

Until the next time,

Soulfully Speaking,



Down The Rabbit Hole


So, on the first day of summer, my daughter, Ty’, and I are standing at the back door of my house.  I am on the inside of the door, and she is on the outside of the door while we are saying our goodbyes to each other.  When suddenly we hear a bam, then a few minutes later we hear scuffling coming from an area on the outside.

We both thought we saw something flash before our eyes while we were conversing.  We both imagine it was a squirrel or a bird.

In the yard next to my house, is a beautiful, red birdhouse where many birds and squirrels gather all day every day to eat and play.  I can stand and watch them socialize for long moments at a time.  They are always doing something to capture my attention.

So, on the first day of summer, it is no different, yet it was different.   When my daughter and I see the unknown flashing before our peripheral vision, it appears to be in distress or discombobulated.

We begin hearing something crawling or walking trying to escape from somewhere, and then we quickly listen to it slipping back down each time it made an effort to free itself.   Ty’ believes it ran or flew into the drainpipe on the backside of the house.

My daughter is determined to try and figure out how whatever it was got itself in that situation. In her search, she discovers a hole in the drainpipe, and perhaps it is a bird trying to flap its wings to escape.  However, it doesn’t realize that there is a way out of the darkness.

My question is, do we find ourselves in a hole or dark space where we are fighting to get out, and no matter how hard we try on our own we keep slipping back down that rabbit hole, that dark space?

What is happening while we are in the hole?

Are we aware of how and when we got in that place?

Are we playing or working too much that we are discombobulated?

Did something push us into the hole?

Are we there by accident, or was it on purpose?

How do we get out of the hole, or better yet, do we want to get out of the darkness ?

Until the next time, if you want ” out” of your dark space, Hadiah’s place is one way to find your way back into the light.

Soulfully Speaking,



Mindful Thoughts To Ponder

                      Seven MINDFUL Thoughts Of Hadiah’s

1.  A lesson given is a lesson learned.

2.  Stepping away to save a relationship is not the same   as walking away to avoid, or to end a relationship.

3.  Daily self care is essential.

4.  The mind is like a guitar you must tune it each time before you use and play it.

5.  Play and work are the same on many levels.

6.  I move like the Universe moves.

7.  Sitting in  your essence is the highest position one             could hold.

Until the next time before you use your mind, tune in to your thoughts.

Soulfully Speaking,



Living Your Best Life

So, here are a few thoughts for you to meditate on this month:

Who is living the best life?

What does that  mean to you – living the best life?

When does living your best life begins?

How does one begin to live the best life?

Where does your best life take place?

Is it a requirement for you to live your best life?

Are you living your best life?

If you feel overwhelmed with these questions, or would like to dig deeper with your answers, Hadiah is available to guide you in your search.

Until the next time, living is life.

Soulfully Speaking,




Stay True and Tune Into Your Own Vibration



                                      Tuning Fork

Everything is energy and all energy has its own vibration.  Just like a tuning fork, if we are not mindful, we could easily become tuned into something, or someone else’s vibration.  This in itself is not a bad thing, if what we are tuning in to promotes love, joy, beauty, life and light to self, others, and to the planet.

Sometimes energy connections  can happen very quickly, and we are sucked in, or it can happen very subtle.  This can occur with or without our awareness; however, once we become enlightened on the matter, we must decide if the present vibration is healthy or vexing to our spirit.

If the energy is healthy, I say how divine, but if the energy is vexatious or toxic to our spirit I say respond to it like we are on fire.  Instead of the “stop, drop and roll” concept, we must stop, breathe, and listen to the wisdom inside of us.  It will tune up our vibration for the perfect response.  We will know if we are being true or tune into our own high vibration.

Are you aware of your true vibration?

To learn and experience your own vibration visit

Until the next time, stay tune and true to your vibrations.

Soulfully Speaking,