Listening To The Ocean And The Sounds of Peace

Three minutes of peace awaits you…just click the YouTube button to transform your mind, body, and soul.

Re-awaken your spirit with the sounds of the ocean, the ebbing and flowing of the water, children playing in the sand, the gentle wind blowing, and the golden light from the sun.

Just three minutes of mindful breathing will settle  you into your body and bring your awareness to this present moment.

Look, hear, feel, breath…close your eyes…breath…feel…relax…breathing peace into every cell, organ, muscle, bone, and nerve in your body.

Studies have shown that just three minutes of mindful breathing and meditating on peacefulness can have  profound benefits on your total well being.


Until the next time,

Enjoy your inner peace today three minutes at a time.☯️🕉💜🌊☀️

Soulfully Speaking,



Letters From The Heart Center

DD0AC9F2-(2)Dear Friends,

In the early 1970s,  I attended Cardozo Senior High.  During my sophomore year all the way through my senior year I not only attended classes at my school but I also attended classes on the campus of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

You see, I was a participant of the Georgetown Upward Bound Program.  This program granted me the opportunities to partake in wonderful, exciting, and challenging classes on their campus every Saturday morning during the fall and winter months.  And during the summer months I was able to stay on campus and live in the dorms with other high schoolers from different public and private schools in the DC area.

The dorm rooms were double occupancy,  and I had the pleasure to share my room every summer with a kindred spirited young lady that attended Notre Dame Catholic School.

I not only met her but also many other interesting young ladies and young men that were also in the program.  The director, teachers, and staff members were phenomenal.  The experiences of walking on campus to get to the classes, being a panelist in debates, eating in the cafeteria, shopping in Georgetown, being the lead dancer in a performance, attending movies and plays not only in the area, but also as far as Boston.

There were so many people, classes, activities and experiences during my time in the program that encouraged me and supported my growth and my “calling.”  Experiences that granted me the space to explore and use my God-given passions and gifts.

Which now brings me to heart of this month’s blog post/letter.  One such experience that enable me to channel and use my innate abilities was having a  dear ____, column  in our student news letter.  Having that column, however short it lived, filled my heart and soul with so much joy, love and compassion for myself and for those who wrote to my dear column about matters of the heart.  So it is my pleasure  and joy filled heart to be re-awaken by the Holy Spirit to open that gift back up again.  I was inspired to create a new email address,

The above email address is a space where you may send me inquiries/letters to address matters of your heart, and receive tools and feedback for you to discover or rediscover the true answers to your burning questions that are residing inside of you right now.  Questions that are related to your own sacred journey.

You may still feel free to leave comments on this page in regards to the monthly blog post itself while the, email address is for a deeper insight for your own spiritual growth.

The first seven dearhadiah’s letters I receive from readers/friends;  I will be giving away seven free copies of my ebook entitled, Yes Speak To Our Hearts Holy Spirit Through Our Daily Practice Of Listening, Recognizing, And Using Your Unlimited Gifts And Power.

Until the next time, I encourage you to let your  “Dear Hadiah letters” be your voice that flows with power and value that will lead you to the heartbeat of your purpose here on earth.

Soulfully Speaking,




You know- with all what’s going on in  the world at this time we can easily not remember how powerful and nurturing  a cleansing breath can be for our mind, body and spirit.  We can forget to take the time to practice a long, slow, deep breath that is essential to our well being.

It is so important for us to remember that our mind/thoughts follow the breath/spirit, and how our bodies/behaviors follow our mind/thoughts.

In other words, when we are fully aware of the rhythm or timing of our breathing we can witness the speed or pace of our thoughts.  And it is from the clarity or lack of clarity of our thoughts that will dictate our words, actions and behaviors.

Below are questions that will invite you into the inner landscapes of your total being.  However, before you dive into your story line, take the time to view the above breathing video.

Prayerfully the video will place you in a space where you can answer the questions from your heart center, and not just from your emotional center.

Is it challenging for you to embrace the unknown?

Why is it challenging for you to embrace the unknown?

Why  is it not challenging for you to embrace the unknown?

What are the top three things that are preventing you from expanding your thoughts or views on the present situations?

What are the top three things that provide you with the ability to expand your thoughts or views on the present situations?

Do you feel the current situations are opening you up to be more aware of the evolution of your thoughts and behaviors?

Do you feel that at the end of these experiences and present situations you will be able or willing to enjoy your life again for the good of all?

Have you notice if the state of the present situations deepened your sleep walking, or have you notice that you are more awakened to all your senses, and the power of you breath/ spirit?

Until the next time, remember that our breathing is the key for embracing, expanding, evolving, and enjoying life  the way it is meant to be lived…for all.

Soulfully Speaking, 







A Letter To My New Friend Her Name Is Today

20200504_130722Dear Today,

I feel like I miss you already.  I wonder; how do I miss you if I haven’t even spoken or opened myself up to your presence this morning?

Oh!  I know.  What I’m really missing are my old friends Yesterday and Yesteryears.  I am missing all my other friends named Past dreams, Past moments, and Missed moments.

I am also missing What was, What could, What should, and my most recent friend named How It Used To Be.

If I keep my thoughts on all my old friends I’ll be missing you twice my new friend.  I will miss you on this day and then again on tomorrow.

Today, I thank you Girl, for being my new friend.  I thank you for reminding me to welcome your presence throughout this day.  For acknowledging you, I am opening myself up to all the gifts, miracles, and blessings right before my eyes.

I now know that I don’t have to miss you I just have to recognize and accept you.  Then I am in the presence of a whole new world and all its wonders. Continue reading “A Letter To My New Friend Her Name Is Today”


As The World Turns


20200410_10185120200410_101914Screenshot_20200410-102359_Video Player


I believe there’s nothing new under the moon that haven’t happened  before.  It may be different times,  different places, and different people, but the events and experiences are pretty much the same.

So, as the world turns, let us be lead by the Divine guiding light as we move through the dark shadows of today’s events and experiences.  For we only have one life to live at a time, so let us pray, that we and our love ones stay out of any general hospital as we live out all the days of our lives, and even though the old and the young may be restless at this time the world will return to a greater state of peace, joy, harmony, balance and with agape love towards self, others and the entire planet.

Soulfully Speaking, let it be so, and so, so it is.