Hadiah’s Holistic Haven Is Here To Provide Services For A Healthy, Happy, And Holy Life.

Working With you in person, VIA telephone, or by a virtual experience we will be creating happiness right where we are In each present moment


Hadiah will be assisting the clients with discovering or re-discovering their own spiritual gifts.  Gifts that have been handed out by God.  Gifts handed out to be accepted, open but also given to be used and to be shared with the world.

During our time together we will be engaging with one, or more of the tools and gifts of prayers, chants, songs,  soul dancing, mudras, breath awareness, cleaning/clearing energy centers, guided meditations, self-inquiring,  and more.

The purpose of each service is related to matters of the heart whereby the client is seeking a holistic approach to a life experience that has caused the client to feel stuck, drained, unclear, blocked, and unhappy.

The services may also be used to promote a lifestyle to support the clients in listening, recognizing, and using the learned tools when their energy levels begin to fall below the optimum desires.

This awareness will keep the flow of chi/energy in a state of harmony within ones being.  Thus creating a sense of self-awareness, and self- control.

If you are ready to explore all the goodies the Universe has in store for you, so you may begin to live your life abundantly then Hadiah’s Holistic Haven has the tools to provide the insights to one’s purpose, passion, and gifts.  Gifts that have been given out by God Himself/Herself.

Come and discover or rediscover the message you are here on this planet to use and share in order to make this world a better place for all beings.

Connect with Hadiah either by Phone or Email to receive a session tailored just right for you: 202.829.6863, or (with the subject matter…healing session)

 Services Fees: FREE inquiring calls and emails.

In Person Sessions:  $90.00 per hour.

Telephone Coaching Consultations:  $75.00  and Virtual Sessions: $80.00 per hour.